The first release of Team Telemetry is available

Hello to all F1 2017 enthusiasts!

The very first release (Version is available. Don’t be so harsh (according to quality and performance), because the program is done in free time. ūüôā

Hope you like it and find it helpful. Think of future advancements according to our needs.

Here you can find a small install instruction:

Click-Once with automatically update-functionality  from Microsoft is used; therefore you have to perform the following procedure:

  • Download setup-files¬† from¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • Execute Setup.exe you can easily uninstall it with windows App & Features functionality if needed.

  • Following window might come up twice, first the installation program, secondly the actual Team Telemetry program files. You have to press further information textblock, and afterwards allow the installation process.

  • When the program is started, you have to allow the network communication in order to receive the UDP – packages from F1 2017.


If you want to use the in-game-overlay you have to change in setup-menu of F1 2017 Display Mode to “Windowed (Fullscreen)”.

F1 display setup

Activate the in-game-overlay in Preferences.

2 thoughts on “The first release of Team Telemetry is available

    • Looks very good BUT unusable for me at the moment:
      1. opens in maximized window and I have big race monitor and smaller control (less resolution). So I can’t see all of screen unless I start from icon on big monitor then move window to small monitor then resize it there. Program should open in smaller window so user can resize and move to suit their set up.
      2. your program destroys my LGS settings i.e. when I run your program first then the game does not pick up its LGS settings
      3. I use TrackIR and UDP only allows one stream so TrackIR won’t start for the game if I use your program.

    • Thanks for your feedback.
      In one of the next versions, Team Telemetry will save last window size when closed.

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