Setup a new database

Here is a small tutorial to setup a new database and how to handle it.

First, go to options and create a new database (1).

Options menu – Tab Details

The location of the database will be displayed in this text box (2).

Database location


Afterwards set checkbox for Database/Measurement (3) to record laps.

A sub-directory is created to store the measurement files.

From now on each lap is recorded in one measurement file (zipped), stored in the sub-directory. To keep the overview of your lap-measurement-files an entry in your just created SQL-Database is created.

Save settings.

Once you’ve collected some data, you can quickly access it by using SQL query commands.

Go to Database.

Here some examples of queries:

To show all database entries:

SELECT * FROM Database

To set some filter:

SELECT * FROM Database WHERE Track = 'Melbourne'

The WHERE clause can be combined with AND, OR, and NOT operators.

SELECT * FROM Database WHERE Track = 'Melbourne' AND LapTime < 127

Please note that you have to enter LapTime queries in seconds.

There some predefined filters accessible via a pull-down menu. These are combined by AND.

By the ORDER BY keyword, you can sort the result-set in ascending or descending order. (ASC|DESC)

SELECT * FROM Database WHERE WHERE Track = 'Melbourne' AND LapTime < 127 ORDER BY DRS1 DESC

The BETWEEN operator selects values within a given range.


These are the basic commands in SQL syntax.

Further functionality:

You can mark/unmark your favorite database entries by the context menu. (See the result in the Favorite column).

The Show-button (or in the context menu) leads to TDA (Telemetry Data Analyzer). This feature does not exist yet but is coming soon. End of 3Q/2018.

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