Multiplayer renaming in Tt2019

A short tutorial to the topic multiplayer renaming functionality.

Codemaster is sending in F1 2019 multiplayer sessions only the „Player“. TeamTelemetry is decrypting this to <racenumber>_<car>_<driverID>.

That’s why TeamTelemetry is providing a solution to deal with that and provide you with the possibility to rename these cryptic names by yourself.
This might be good for your overview, streaming with commentary background, etc.

How does it work: First you have to choose if you want to make your name (defined in Options->Details) public to other Tt2019 users. In case yes, check (1) – Publish driver name.

Your name will send be to TeamTelemetry server and would be made available for other TeamTelemetry Users who are driving in the same session (The session ID you can define by your own in the session-id text box (5). Distribute this UID to all drivers (who are using TT) in your multiplayer races. These names will be fetched automatically when you activated “automatic renaming”. For all other driver names, you have to take care of your own. The following procedure is recommended. Press “Update” (2) to get all names. At that moment take a look at the race directory and connect the real multiplayer name to the decrypted one inside team telemetry. Press “Rename” (3) in order to take over the new name. In case that you want to let participate of all other Tt-Multiplayer-Drivers in your session, you can “Upload” these changes to servers. The other multiplayer will get the information automatically (see Automatic renaming is checked” (4).

You can save and load multiplayer renaming definitions and edit in .csv file. Please note that with every F1 session the player race number or driverID could be changed by F1 2019.

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