F1 2021 vs. TeamTelemetry resources

If you have experienced that the display of information in TeamTelemetry is very delayed, the most likely reason is that the graphics card load is at max. level.

TeamTelemetry is programmed in a way that is very less resource consuming and provides F1 2021 the first priority.

Graphics: it is updating telemetry data in widgets and windows only when F1 2021 itself does not consume 100 % of the graphics card. Therefore it is recommended to limit your FPS. Watch the overall load of GPU(task manager) and e.g.set the frame rate of F1 2021 in that way to stay below 95 % of overall GPU usage. (Worst case is the FPS rate in the garage). After this, TeamTelemetry has enough task-slots to provide its information itself. By the way, the collection of telemetry data itself is not affected.

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