Add Friends / Lap times comparison

You can compare the lap times with your friends of the time trial, qualifying and race sessions in the Hall of Fame sections (accessible in the main menu).

The prerequisite is that you have created a unique TeamTelemetry-ID, connected it to other TeamTelemetry-users and uploaded your best lap times to the server.

Step by Step:

A) Creation of the unique TeamTelemetry-ID / friend request:

  1. Create your ID in Options/Database
  2. Upload your ID to the TeamTelemetry server
  3. In Friends, you can add your friends and handle the friend’s requests (you can copy your ID by clicking the right mouse button – to be sent to your friends. Your friend has to enter this ID in order to make a friend request. Afterwards, you have to refresh and allow the request.

B) Database / upload fastest lap times

In Database, you have the option “Upload fastest laps”. Pressing this button will upload your fastest lap times in TimeTrial / Q and Race sessions. Your connected friends can see these lap times in the Hall of Fame — and by selecting the best friend on the track map and in the TabWindow (Statistic tab).

Furthermore, you have the option to delete all your lap times (if needed).

Please note that the displayed name in the Hall of Fame is the one you have selected in Options/Details.

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