F1 2021 vs. TeamTelemetry resources

If you have experienced that the display of information in TeamTelemetry is very delayed, the most likely reason is that the graphics card load is at max. level. TeamTelemetry is programmed in a way that is very less resource consuming and provides F1 2021 the first priority. Graphics: it is updating telemetry data in widgets and windows only when F1 […]

Tour of TeamTelemetry

Hi all – in the next few chapters, some of the features will be randomly explained. Feature 1: Widget 3 (Speedometer) Feature 2: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) The best setup of the vehicle does not automatically result in the fastest lap time. Muchmore important is the combination of vehicle and driver to be at the front. In order to be […]

Final Classification – export

How to make a csv-export of race results. When a race has finished and the race result is shown in F1 2020, the final classification UDP package is also received by TeamTelemetry. It is indicated in the Live Race Time Table by writing “The Session is over.” in the upper left part. Click on it and a window is popping […]