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F1 2019 version launch

30.06.2019     Version Build

First version of Team Telemetry 2019


Some new features are available:

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are now available in "Stats"-Window

(available by double-clicking on Name in "Timing Page" overview)

KPIs are:

- FL full load part in % of last round

- C coasting part in % of last round

- KPIs steering velocity, higher value means that you had more work to do to achieve lap time



MAP / RaceTrack

- you can now customize the RaceTrack overview (value for pit stop duration simulation, etc.)

- rotation, shifting of map is now possible



Known issues:

- in Multiplayer no player-names are sent out via UDP-stream

- Widget1 shows some inconsistencies, will be fixed with next releases

- what else?

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Team Telemetry

02.07.2019     Version Build

Minor Bugfix and small improvents


In stats window you can export all statistic data in .csv-file, stored in measurement folder.


Known issues:

- in Multiplayer no player-names are sent out via UDP-stream

- Widget1 shows some inconsistencies, will be fixed with next releases

- what else?

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Team Telemetry

13.07.2019     Version Build

New features:

Widget2: new display for position change and position only (access via info-cycle-button)

Player stats also available in Q-Timings (double-click on drivers name)



- Team colors

- Track map, tyre colors

Version / 27.07.2019

- Some bugfixes and improvements
- you can now use your own font for the widgets 0 - 3
- new Widget4 (Speedometer), incl. DRS reaction time functionality

========== Important Hint ==============================
New installer is now available. Go download this/next version from

Uninstall old version (ClickOnce-Version)

Version / 24.08.2019

This Update is mainly about multiplayer driver renaming.

- multiplayer renaming

- Small improvement in Widget2 (time tower) and Widget4 – Speedometer_V1

- few bug fixes and improvements



Detailed information regarding multiplayer renaming functionality. Codemaster is sending in F1 2019 multiplayer sessions only the „Player“. TeamTelemetry is decrypting this to <racenumber>_<car>_<driverID>

Furthermore, you have now the possibility to rename this to a proper driver name in Options->Multiplayer. This might be good for your own overview, streaming with commentary background, etc.

How does it work: First you have to choose if you want to make your own name (defined in Options->Details, see (1)) public. Your name will send be to TeamTelemetry server and would be made available for other TeamTelemetry Users who are driving in the same session (The session ID you can define by your own in the session-id text box (5). Spread this UID to all drivers (who are using TT) in your multiplayer races. These names will be fetched automatically when you activated “automatic renaming”. For all other driver names, you have to take care of your own. The following procedure is recommended. Press “Update” (2) to get all names. At that moment take a look at the race directory and connect the real multiplayer name to the decrypted one inside team telemetry (<racenumber>_<car>_<driverID>). Press “Rename” (3) to rename. In case that you want to let participate of all other Tt-Multiplayer-Drivers in your session, you can “Upload” (6) these changes to servers. The other multiplayer will get the information automatically (see Automatic renaming is checked” (4). You can save and load multiplayer renaming definitions and edit in .csv file. Please note that with every F1 session the player race number or driverID could be changed by F1 2019. It is recommended that you change Driver names when “Automatic renaming” is switched off.



This complete topic is not very convenient and Team Telemetry just wants to give you a tool how you can handle that it little.


We are hoping that Codemasters are changing their mind and provide the real multiplayer driver names in the UDP-stream again. Good luck.


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Deleted user

Your tools are very helpful. Thank you deeply.

By the way, I have a question about the new multiplayer driver renaming feature.
I used it in ranked multi. However, the rename function was not reflected.
I usually use “Widget2” and “Timing Page”.
I checked "Automatic Renaming" in the Multiplayer tab, but the name was not reflected.
Is my usage wrong?

Uploaded files:
  • rename_20190829.jpg

Thanks for your report.

Interestingly, no player names are displayed at all? Which language setting you're playing F1 2019? (normally the player are listed with <racenumber>_<car>_<driverID>)

Anyway, it should be possible that you can enter "real" player names in 1-6 (2). Press "Update" before". And after you have finished editing, press "Rename".

"Automatic Renaming" makes sense when there are Tt user who are sending their player names ("Publish driver name") For sure they have to be in same session (own session id)


Version / 31.08.2019
- bugfix sporadic wrong gap calculation during practice and qualifying sessions

Thanks for bug reporting!


is it possible to gather the data from another f1 instance over the internet?

I want to see my teammates data on my pc that he is braodcasting over udp..


any idea how to set it up (if it is possible?)

Yes! You can use Hamachi & UDP copy in TeamTelemetry.

player 1: in F1 2019 use local IP-address, in Tt use UDP-copy and send to Hamachi-partner address

player 2 (Hamachi-partner) can now receive player 1 UDP stream

Version / 10.02.2020
- bugfix no crash during F2 races with F2 2019 drivers