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F1 2020 changelog

Version / 19.07.20
-first version

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Version / 26.07.20

- Bugfix S2 display in multiplayer races (S2 time sporadically not shown up in timetables)
- Bugfix Multiplayer renaming: correct display of Team Colors (Options)
- Bugfix Options->Multiplayer: Checkbox "Automatic renaming" is visible again
- Bugfix faster response time when cycle info button is pressed

- invalid laps will be shown red in the driver stats window
- highlight teammate in timing tables
- multiplayer name creator
- Streamlabs support
- TeamID-color override (define your own team color) (makes sense only in "My Team" mode)
- window timing tables are showing now driver long names.

UserInterface changes:
- in TabWindow Q Timing Tab will be skipped in races when cycle info button is pressed
- cycle info buttons more responsive

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excellent job, thank you

My friend
Can green-red animation be made in transitions in the ranking table?

in general: yes. I've put it already into the backlog. Before I'm going into it, the technique behind my "ListView" has to be reworked.

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Version / 08.08.20
- pitstop simulation is working again
- several (but not all) preference bugfixes
- Info Cycle buttons correct evaluation, you have to assign your buttons again!

- Multiplayer renaming assignment is now considering only racenumber
- Info Cycle buttons, now more than 6 digits could be entered (but not necessary)
- Widget2 (Timing table) redesign
- Tyre wear now selectable (wear percentage / laps)
- position change marked with green & red position symbols
- in Multiplayer: driver names with 8 letters will be displayed in timing tables
- TimingTable, invalid laps marked red
- Weather forecast

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Excellent job,thanks.

I've seen a few problems.

*The cycle button in Widget 2 doesn't work well

*Widgets stay on screen after the race is over

*Numbers in widget 1 and widget 2 do not work fine

On request, how many laps the wheel is driving information 🙂

Solution found:

=> deactivate UDPcopy to your own IP-adress

Use this feature when you want to provide UDP stream to another APP (different Port) or another PC

Version / 12.08.20

- Best lap timings updated with correct position & delta time
- Top speed table will be cleared with next session
- SinglePlayer: SAINZ name sporadically not shown up
- Team Color override in Trackmap
- SAINZ racenumber assignment

- pit stop simulation checkbox setting is now stored in settings file


please report bugs in the Bugs - forum

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Version / 08.11.20
- 5x faster widget2, reworked layout
- longer driver names can be handled for multiplayer races
- Online database Leaderboard / Final Classification / SessionInfo
- Final classification export (excel)
- fixed a problem when Timing Page freezes
- Multiplayer renaming own sessionID can now be saved
- widget1 reworked
- national flags added
- logos added

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Version / 12.12.20
- F2 2020 support

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