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How to setup FanaLab / TeamTelemetry

Short description of how to combine TeamTelemetry and FanaLab.

By the way, today FANTEC has released PC driver 372 and FanaLab version V1.47 which is supporting F1 2020. Please read the release notes carefully if your system is supported.

First, it has to be realized that UDP stream could not be sent to two programs to the same port on the same PC.

In FanaLab UDP Stream is expected on standard port 20888.

In order to run TeamTelemetry in parallel, you have to do the following steps.

  1. F1 2020 telemetry options -> send UDP stream to TeamTelemetry. Specify IP address of your computer and PORT 20777.
  2. In TeamTelemtry options -> use UDP copy option and send it to your own PC ( and PORT 20888. (received by FanaLab)

After that, the UDP stream data can be used by both programs.

Please avoid - after one successful setup - to enable Telemetry in Fanalab again. Doing this, the configuration in F1 2020 will be overwritten and the UDP stream is sent to FanaLab only.

Even with Fanalab Version V1.60.2 the UDP package format 2020 is needed.


In TeamTelemetry UDP options you can convert the package format from 2021 to 2020 and send it to Fanalab.