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Is it possible to export race results?

I know the software can export every single lap time of all players, which is really useful stuff, but what if I just want to export the race result and use it on a league scoreboard?

Just need maybe a Excel file to store things like position/name/fastet lap/strategies/gap/penalty, so I can write a program to insert these data into the scoreboard.

I really want to do it myself, but I know nothing about how to unpack UDP packets and how telemetry works...

F1 2020 new UDP stream does support Final Classification package. This is not evaluated by TeamTelemetry yet. Could be included in one of next version of TeamTelemetry. I've put into the backlog.

Thanks 😀

Would love to see this feature in team telemetry.

with next version, you can store final classification on a remote SQL database or / and you can do an excel export.