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Laptimes export

is it possible with this program to record all lap times of all drivers in a race and output them in a format that is readable for me?
I would need these lap times to enter them into a spreadsheet document.

Si - everything is saved under %UserProfile%/TeamTelemetry_2023/Results/Autosave

when in Options/UDP - the "Autosave Results" option is selected.

Alternatively, you can export results from Final Classification after the race.

You can export lap times in "Drivers stats" (double click on driver name in the Live Timing table) too.

export file format is .csv!

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I will try this out and report back afterwards

Has worked well.
But I have other questions:
1. in which unit are the KPI's specified?
2. and what is Fullload? In your explanation you wrote the same as in Coasting but that can't be right.
3. the widget 0 starts to blink. What could be the reason for this?


KPIs (steering indication, how much the driver is turning on his wheel) => no unit

FL fullload part in %

C coasting part in %



which explanation? Fullload part of the lap. (acceleration pedal > 95%)

Coasting part of the lap. (no acceleration, no braking)


3) I don't know. Please show me an example.


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1.I would like to understand this value(KPI) more besides small = good big = bad. So what it means exactly.

2. i mean this explanation

3.unfortunately I don't have a recording of it. If that happens again, I'll make one of them.
What I meant is that the widget has appeared several times and disappeared again in the race, sometimes every second.

1) I would say that - as explained in 2) - a lower value is better because the driver is more calm to drive his car. (less action needed to make corrections)

3) might be a sw bug. please let me know under which conditions. (multiplayer / singleplayer / gamemode / etc.) you can write an email to the support link.

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I noticed something else.
In the export files the tires are not correct.
From the point when everyone changed from intermediate to dry tires, the data is no longer correct.
For example, during a SCs drivers have changed their tire ( for example, from medium to soft ) gone but the tire is the same in the file(HS). But the pit stop was recorded.

Ok, found some mismatch of tyre compounds in F2 races. Hope you have found the issue in that too.