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New version F1 Telemetry

Hi guys,do we have any news on the new version of this awesome tool?

Also could we see any WIP images before release?


current changelog for next version:

- 5x faster widget2, reworked layout
- logos added
- longer drivers can be handled for multiplayer races
- Online database Leaderboard / Final Classification
- fixed a problem when Timing Page freezes
- Multiplayer renaming own sessionID can now be saved
- widget1 reworked
- national flags added

simnyan has reacted to this post.

Looks great man,well done.

Will we able to remove the 0L text next to the leaderboard by cycling through?

Can't wait to try it 😃

sure. don't select "show tyre wear (in laps)"

Aless88 has reacted to this post.

Hello and happy new year everyone,

Hope you all good.

Just bringing this post up again to ask the same question 🤣🤣

How we doing with the new version of TT,still the best tool out there for F1 2020 and can't wait to see improvements.

Thanks a lot.