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Team Telemetry 2023

Version / 19.06.23
- First version

Version / 20.06.23
- Bugfixes and stability improvements
- FanaLab 2022 support (Convert UDP stream to 2022 package format and sent it to FanaLab)

For FanaLab configuration you have to edit this xml-file "Configuration.xml"
in C:\Program Files (x86)\Fanatec\FanaLab\Control\xml

Copy & paste F1 22 entry and adapt these entries:
<title>F1 23</title>
<steamlaunch id="2108330">steam://rungameid/2108330</steamlaunch>

Version / 05.08.23

- Name of F1 cars updated to 2023 season
- tabWindow Strategy added (e.g. complete overview of all tyres)
- mph / kph defition is now determined by F1 23 game (On-Screen Display)
- sector times > 65535 ms are now supported by F1 23 game
- Multiplayer renaming fix for F1 23 game
- tabWindow selection configurable in Options for P/Q and Race sessions
(which can cycled by defined button)
- Fix for vehicle status (damage / tyre wear values not updated)
- %ERS information in race export result added
- track description Catalunya added

The previous installation file for Version is not creating desktop and start menu icons/entries.

Download the setup file again or use the update option in TeamTelemetry.


Version / 16.09.23
- Track layout Singapore updated

Version / 19.10.23
- TabWindow/Rival: Fix for a problem when the driver stats for tyre wear, ERS is shown as zero
- Language Support for English, German, Chinese (first translations available)
- Database: new database fields "formula type" and "game year" added
- Fix a bug when the race result file has a mismatch for the driver's lap statistics comment
- Fix some problems with Benchmark evaluation (see Option/GameOverlay), German and English support only
- Fix a problem when splashscreen is stuck at "Loading TeamTelemetry.ini"
- F2 2023 team name, driver name, team color, F2 tyre types support