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Terms Explanation

Can I please get an explanation of what these different terms mean?
Obviously most of these are self explanatory but the ones I dont understand are:
I read something that KPIs is about how many corrections a driver made , so a low value would mean lower steering wheel corrections , but im not sure.
C , I think its something about coasting but I have no idea.
ERS_D really baffles me because I have no clue what information it gives about ERS
And FL I have no clue what it could be.

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Hi mate,

ERS_D: ERS energy deployed in that lap

FL: full load part / >95% acceleration pedal

C: coasting part / no acceleration pedal, no brake

KPIs: This value shows how much the driver is acting on the steering wheel. A lower value means fewer steering corrections and a better choice of the optimal driving line.

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Thanks for answering.
But the ERS part doesnt make much sense to me , probably because some race results that i exported are bugged.
ERS_D refers to the percentage of the allowed energy deployment in that lap correct?
Then why does this picture show values over 100?
Or the initial picture showing only values lower than 6 when the driver obviously used overtake?
Something is off with my data xd

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ERS deploy unit is kJ.


In F1 each car can deploy up to 4000 kJ of ERS every lap.

Besides: you can recover only 2000 kJ (capped) per lap.