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Tt 2021

Version / 29.07.21
- First Version
- button selection fix (bit selection)

Open: weather forecast display for upcoming sessions not complete

Known issues:
- invalid sectors times due to UDP overflow
(send by Codemasters, limited to 65,635 seconds per sectors).
Not so good for slow drivers or during saftey car phases

- If you want to select the top speed values officially provided by Codemasters measurements
you have to toggle selection by clicking on header "Top Speed" -> TabWindow, 1st page
keep in mind, that speed trap measurements carried out by Codemasters are not very frequent

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Version / 29.08.21
- new feature / new tab in TabWindow => vehicle status
- in options you can define your own Car and TeamLogo for career mode

- fix for a problem when own team logo is shown in widget2
- fix for a problem when database entry could not be written in career mode
- fix for a crash in time trial mode
- in time trial mode only one driver is shown
- fix for a problem when Tt has crashed when opening the stats-window (in F2 races)
- fix for a problem when fastest lap was shown multiple times in the radio messages box
- fix for display of the correct tyre aged lap info in widget2
- vehicle status window now shows tyre wear of the last lap in decimal places



TabWindow: you can choose the cycled tabs which shall be shown in Options/TabWindow



Version / 15.09.21
- several bugfixes
- final classification can now show drivers stats (lap history)
- export of final classification shows now S1/S2/S3 best times / drivers
- widget2 has now improved the display of deployed / available ERS energy
- Json export functionality
- you can now change gap<>interval times in the live timing table by clicking on the header
- tyre wear / temp diagram / engine temp in TabWindow
- support of Portimão track

Version / 21.09.21
- more bugfixes and stability improvements

Version / 10.10.21
- Several bugfixes and improvements
- Rain percentage (0-100) in weather forecast added
- Correct inner temp assignment FR, FL, RL, RR (tabWindow diagram)
- Multiplayer automatic renaming is now considering nationality
- KPI diagramm in tabWindow
- Update manager - downgrade possible
- Track description for Portugal added
- Widget 5 (track map) track size increased
- Track map, player colour is now green

Version / 21.11.21
- Widget1 reworked
- Stream Overlay window added (Big thanks to Biggles for his design and suggestions. It was so much fun.) Crop it for your commentary streaming.
- Track Jeddah added
- Options/UDP: conversion from packet data 2021 to 2020 format. Needed for some apps, e.g. Fanalab.