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Tt 2022

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After update app cant connect to team telemetry services.

It's because the server provider has changed its configuration.

The next version of TeamTelemetry will take care of this. Coming soon.

Version / 14.05.23
- TeamTelemetry Server issue fixed
- TeamTelemetry is now based on .Net7-framework (better performance, future)


Hm, my latest version of Windows 10 didn't have required net 7.5 files and I was forced to download and install two files. Interesting.

Thanks for the info. Might be that .Net7 framework is not yet installed on every PC because it is quite new. Might be a little bit inconvenient for the user.

Version / 18.05.23
- TeamTelemetry first start issue fixed (TeamTelemetry directory is not created)
- TeamTelemetry is now based on .Net7-framework (better performance, future)

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