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UDP Stream


Yesterday I tried streaming my UDP to two different destinations
One was a software that automatically makes standings and the other one was my friend , who was engineering me.
I tried to do so by using the Copy UDP stream feature.
But my friend was saying the data he got wasnt bugged (he was using team telemetry).
The issue was because i had Data reduction factor set to 1 , i then tried it to set it to 0 and then he said he was getting no data , then i tried to switch them around and the data my standings software got wasnt perfect , then i left it like this
My question is , what value do i set the Data reduction factor so that the data doesnt get actually get reduced
The first UDP copy is set to my standings software , the second is for my engineer friend.

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I figured a solution.
I turned of UDP Broadcast mode so that both Team Telemetry and my friends Team Telemetry get the data on port 20777 , and i will use the slot to Copy UDP stream to port 20778 that sends the data to my software standings.
But I would be still interested in the value that i need to set the Data redcution factor , so that the data doesnt get reduced at all

It's great that you have figured out the solution.

Set the data reduction factor to 1 for a 1:1 copy of the UDP stream without data loss.

Hm then i guess the issue was from somewhere else when i had the factor set to 1.
Thank you for the response!