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Actually I'm working on that in parallel. Again it is difficult to find the font for free.

The original is the Formula1 Display-Regular font.

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this is something really helpfull, looking forward to test it out.


great work!

14.05.2018    Version Build
-    Small improvements and bugfixes
New Features:
-    New window Best Lap Timing introduced
-    Update of drivers stats each lap


Best Lap Timing window can be found here :

Update of driver stats will be updated each lap:

20.05.2018    Version Build
-    Driver renaming is now working in Best Lap Timings Window (Bug found by clintwood)

New Features:
-    Penalty info is added to main timing table.
-    New race track window available (in Windows)
-    F1 2018 style introduced

For the new F1 2018 style, you have the possibility to choose a different font.


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Team Telemetry

26.05.2018    Version Build
-    Driver renaming fixed for classic era

-    new UDP receive / send implementation
-    Racetrack shows tyre color of drivers
-    Layout changes

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19.06.2018    Version Build
-    Correction of font-size / team-color 2018 for different information in widget 2

New Features:
-    OUTLAP information
-    RaceTrack w/ penalty time information

Can we expect a telemetry-version for F1 2018 ??

Yeah that would be great!!!! Is there much more information available in F1 2018?

Tricky -it takes some time - but I can do it.

Any news about the progress? Is it possible to see the opponents setups?


Up to now only a beta version is running.

Yes you can see the opponents car setup.

F.Y.I.: In a few days, a new version for F1 2018 will be available. A new topic will then be created in launch forum section. Watch out!

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