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Wheel slip always zero (Team telemetry 2023)


Both for recorded laps and when looking at the "Vehicle Status" page, the wheel slip is always zero. I checked the measurement .csv file and it's always logged as zero. Is this an issue with Team telemetry or from the game?

I just tried downgrading from to and see the same issue.

you're right. I missed the new UDP protocol with regard to this point.

the information is now called wheelSlipRatio.

Will adapt this with next TeamTelemetry-version.


Thanks for you feedback!

Thanks! Good to know. I would also add that I’ve never had the Race Start Control work for me. Should it work in a race session at the start? It looks like it receives no data, it just remains stale during and after the start for me.

ok, I will check this too.


Thanks for your feedback. Do you want to join the beta-test-quality-team?

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