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Widget 2 Info Cycle Button definition

Widget2 Info Cycle Button definition:
I know it is not very convenient: (but you re very flexible)

in order to assign the button/key to change the information in Widget2 you have to do the following 3 steps:

in Options:
1) activate "Debug Info on"
2) activate Widget 4


During Race:
3) During driving you can find the number of the button you have pressed in Widget4 (small number in left corner). This number you have to enter in Options (see above (3)).

Hey Guys, first thank you for the cool application.


But since two weeks i have a problem with widget two. i cannot unfold the widget 2 , so i dont see any infomations like tyers times or something else.

can you help me ?

it doesnt matter what button i chosse, i test with every button on my xbox one controller.


please help me.

In Options switch on =>  Debug info

In Widget4 (Speedometer) you can see (when button is pressed) the button number. Is it displaying a button number? In case yes this button number you have to enter in the settings.