How to setup FanaLab / TeamTelemetry

Short description how to combine TeamTelemetry and FanaLab. By the way, today FANATEC has released PC driver 372 and FanaLab version V1.47 which is supporting F1 2020. Please read the release notes carefully if your system is supported. First, it has to be realized that UDP stream could not be sent to two programs to the same port on the […]

Multiplayer renaming in Tt2019

A short tutorial to the topic multiplayer renaming functionality. Codemaster is sending in F1 2019 multiplayer sessions only the „Player“. TeamTelemetry is decrypting this to <racenumber>_<car>_<driverID>. That’s why TeamTelemetry is providing a solution to deal with that and provide you with the possibility to rename these cryptic names by yourself. This might be good for your overview, streaming with commentary […]

Pitstop simulation

The pitstop simulation can only be activated during a race (see picture below). You can set pitstop duration time and save it afterwards. The red dot indicates at which position you will enter the driver field again. The duration time itself will be saved along with rotation and scale properties when “Save Settings” button is pressed. Please send me your […]

Team Telemetry for F1 2019

First version is available in Download section. Some new features are available: KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are now available in “Stats”-Window (available by double-clicking on Name in “Timing Page” overview) KPIs are: FL full load part in % of last round C coasting part in % of last round KPIs steering velocity, higher value means that you had more work […]